Winnipeg documentary filmmaker and photographer John Paskievich has produced a body of work that Maclean’s magazine has described as “poignant, funny, angry by turns, it brims with rare compassion”. His films have focused on a diverse range of humanity that includes Inuit stonecarvers in Baffin Island, a Ukrainian Canadian corner grocer and his daughter in Winnipeg, Roma in Slovakia and persons who cope with the challenges of stuttering. An accomplished still photographer, Paskievich’s work has been exhibited widely and published in several books including The North End and it’s sequel, The North End Revisited.


Jeff McKay is a thirty plus year veteran of filmmaking, documentary production and editing in Canada. His own films; which vary from arts, cultural history, ecology to science, have sold around the world. Some of his films include; Crapshoot-The Gamble With Our Wastes, Haunts of the Black Masseur-The Swimmer As Hero, 40 Years Of One Night Stands-The Story Of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Call Of The Forest-The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees. Jeff lives and works in Winnipeg, is married and has two sons.


César Requena Ramos is an independent composer, producer and musician who performs on piano, guitar, bass as well as on wind instruments and percussions. With ten years of experience doing music for films, César’s work ranges from classical to world music to jazz. César is fluent in Spanish, Japanese and English. His keen interest in cultures around the world is reflected in his composition style.


With nearly 40 years experience in the music and post-production industries, Howard Rissin’s skills and knowledge have brought him accolades in both. Having been a part of the Vancouver and Winnipeg production communities, he has put his creative touch on hundreds of projects, including award winning albums, TV shows and films.


Established in 1982 and based in Toronto, Canada, the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre (UCRDC) collects, catalogues and preserves material documenting the history, culture and contributions of Ukrainians in Canada, Ukraine and elsewhere. Film production committee: Captain (Ret’d) Andre Sochaniwsky CD, Jars Balan, Jurij Darewych, Andrij Makuch†, Yurij (George) Serhijczuk, Oksana Zakydalsky.


John Paskievich, Yurij (George) Serhijchuk, Andre Sochaniwsky and from the Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Jars Balan, Serge Cipko, Andrij Makuch†.

This film was made with the generous support of the Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund

Ukrainian War Veterans Association of Canada