Combining archival photographs and film footage with first hand oral accounts of people and events, A CANADIAN WAR STORY, pays dramatic tribute to the Ukrainian Canadian military personnel that contributed to the Allied victory in World War II.
Despite often being regarded as “non-preferred”, second class citizens by mainstream Canadian society, Ukrainians enlisted in great numbers to fight for Canada against the Nazi, Fascist and Imperial Japanese tyrannies. The Ukrainian enlistment percentage was the highest of any ethnic group outside of the British.
According to Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, Joe Romanow, the Ukrainians’ sacrifice in the war garnered them respect and prestige and “finally gave them the prerogative of being recognized as real Canadians”. Joe continued his military service after the War and became the first person of Ukrainian descent to achieve the rank of Brigadier-General.
Spanning continents and generations, the film recounts the remarkable Ukrainian Canadian odyssey from Eastern Europe to Canada to the the battle fronts of World War II.